5 Signs Your CBD is Working

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“How do I know if my CBD product is working?” “I don’t feel anything, is it helping me?”  “What am I supposed to feel?”  

These are common questions we get asked quite often.  Many people still believe that CBD is similar to THC (the psychoactive component in hemp and marijuana that gets you high), so naturally they expect to feel an intense euphoric high or a super relaxed couch-lock feeling.  The reality is that CBD is completely different from THC.  CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC and many of the other minor cannabinoids found in hemp are non-psychoactive and non-intoxicating, meaning they will not alter your mind and get you high.  This is not to say that these cannabinoids have no effects on the body, they just do so in a more subtle way. 

When I first used CBD oil years ago for insomnia (I hadn’t slept well or deeply in over a year), I didn’t necessarily feel anything.  For me, it took 1-2 weeks of nightly use and playing around with the dosage before I started noticing I was sleeping through the night and more deeply.   I continued taking the CBD oil nightly and I no longer woke up feeling like a walking zombie due to lack of sleep.  I still use CBD oil most nights (actually I upgraded to the Rest & Recover product which also includes CBN) and to be honest, I really haven’t suffered from insomnia since, other than the occasional inability to fall asleep if I drink caffeine too late in the day or I’m up thinking about the next day’s projects. 

For some, the effects of cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC) will be pronounced and immediate.  For most, it’ll be more subtle and may take a little time.  Here are 5 signs your CBD product is working for you.

You recover a lot quicker.

After a long day out on the trails or after an intense workout, maybe you notice that your muscles are not as sore as they usually are or the soreness doesn’t last as long.  It might have taken you 3-4 days to feel back to normal after participating in a physically demanding activity, now it only takes you 1-2 days.   Or maybe you sprained an ankle, and instead of taking weeks to heal you were able to bounce back much quicker.

You don’t notice your pain as much.

Did you suffer from chronic nagging pain that would bother you daily, and now you actually went a day or two without really noticing it too much?  CBD’s anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties can take the edge off your pain or relieve it entirely.  Many people suffer from old injuries or illnesses that cause them to live with low-grade chronic pain every day.  Taking CBD products daily and consistently can minimize or possibly eliminate the pain over time.

You have more energy and focus.

You used to get fatigued after running a few miles but now you can run another couple laps before feeling winded.   Or you notice your alertness and focus at work has improved and you’re actually a little more productive than usual.  Subtle changes such as these can indicate that your CBD product might be exerting its benefits on your body.  Although cannabinoids have not been proven to directly effect energy and focus, anything that can help alleviate your stress or help you sleep better will positively effect your energy and focus. 

You stress less and your mood is more positive.

Things that used to bother you no longer bother you as much.  You’ve been feeling happier and more positive lately.  You’re feeling more calm and mellow while driving through traffic.   CBD and the other minor cannabinoids have been known to reduce stress and it’s one of the main reasons people use CBD products.   CBD is non-psychoactive however it acts on the endocannabinoid system and can regulate various neurotransmitters.  It’s been shown to regulate GABA as well as exert its effects on serotonin receptors.

Your sleep has improved.

You wake up feeling a little more rested or notice you’re falling asleep faster and deeper.  Taken at night, both CBD and CBN can help you achieve a healthier sleep cycle and get better quality sleep without the risk of dependence.   Taken consistently and in the proper dosage these cannabinoids can oftentimes improve your sleep and help you relax and fall asleep faster..  It helped me, it might be able to help you as well.


In general unlike psychoactive THC, the effects of CBD and other minor cannabinoids found in hemp may be subtle and not noticeable at first.   It’s best to give it at least 1-2 months of consistent use at the proper dosage (optimal dosage is different for everyone) before determining whether CBD products are benefiting you.   We would love to hear your experience with CBD so feel free to comment below!

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